Projects & partners

Ongoing projects

    • ETSI STF 578

      ETSI SmartM2M tackles IoT, interoperability, and Semantic Interoperability challenges, contributing to the digital transformation of industry sectors in Europe. The Smart Applications REFerence standard...

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    • ANR HyperAgents

      The ANR HyperAgents project aims to enable the deployment of world-wide hybrid communities of people and autonomous agents on the Web. HyperAgents is led by Olivier Boissier, MINES Saint-Étienne. Partners are MINES Saint-Étienne, INRIA,
      Univ. of St. Gallen (HSG, Switzerland)

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    • ANR CoSWoT

      CoSWoT objectives are to propose a distributed WoT-enabled software architecture embedded on constrained devices with two main characteristics: (1) it will use ontologies to specify declaratively the application logic of devices and the semantics of the exchanged messages; (2) it will add reasoning functionalities to devices, so as to distribute processing tasks among them.
      CoSWoT is led by Frédérique Laforest, INSA Lyon. Partners are INSA Lyon, MINES Saint-Étienne, INRAE, Mondeca

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Past Projects

    • C3PO

      This project is financed by the French ANR CONTINT2013 program.
      The objective of this project is to help the Collaborative Creation of Contents and Publishing using Opportunistic networks to support the...

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    • 05


      Machines and agents have more and more autonomous functions and consequently are less and less supervised by human operators or users. Therefore especially when machines interact with humans, we need...

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    • MOOCTAB: Massive Online Open Course on Tablets

      Massive Online Open Course on Tablets
      MOOCTAB aims at creating a tablet based platform dedicated to the lifelong learning (primary, secondary, higher, and continuous) using an on-demand MOOC platform with...

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    • 01


      In the context of smart cities, the deployment of multiple sensors provides access to numerous data streams in real time. The open publication of sensor data brings innovation opportunities by combining...

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    • 10


      Environmental, economic and sustainability challenges of continuously increasing energy consumption are present all over the world. Meeting the challenges requires crossindustry cooperation and the means...

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    • 25

      Water-M: Unified Intelligent WATER Management

      Water-M is an ITEA3 European project with 21 partners from Finland, France, Romania and Turkey. The goal of Water-M project is to develop an architecture for intelligent management of water distribution...

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    • 30


      WDAqua (Answering Questions using Web Data) is a Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN).
      Smart infrastructures and citizens’ participation in the digital society are increasingly data-driven...

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