Seminar by Dennis Diefenbach

"Question Answering" by Dennis Diefenbach

at 1:30 PM

Room F021a
Building F
Laboratoire Hubert Curien
18 rue du Professeur Benoît Lauras
42000 Sain-Etienne

Seminar by Dennis Diefenbach


While RDF was designed to make data easily readable by machines, it does not make data easily usable by end-users. Question Answering (QA) over Knowledge Graphs (KGs) is seen as the technology which is able to bridge this gap. It aims at building systems capable of extracting the answer to a user's natural language question from an RDF dataset.
In the last years, many approaches were proposed which tackle the problem of QA over Knowledge Graphs. Despite these efforts it is hard and cumbersome to create a Question Answering system on top of a new RDF dataset.
The reason is that most of the developed approaches make strong assumptions on the RDF dataset, relay on external tools like entity linkers or need huge training datasets to be applied. Recently QAnswer was presented, an approach that does not share these disadvantages.
In this publication, we present a service that is created on top of our QA technology called QAnswer. The openly accessible service, called QAnswer KG, allows to construct on-demand QA systems on top of new RDF datasets. It is addressed to non-expert users in the QA domain.
In this paper, we provide details of the QA system generation process, the system's training, the configuration of the contextual information visualization, and the process of embedding it in third party applications. By building on top of the QAnswer technology, it is possible to build a QA system that is scalable, supports multiple languages and requires minimal investment in training.
For the first time, we are providing a service for non-expert users to efficiently create an on-demand, scalable, multilingual, Question Answering system on top of RDF datasets.

Keywords: Question Answering, RDF, Knowledge Graphs, QAnswer, On-demand

NOTE: This presentation will be a mixed between a presentation and a tutorial, so bring a laptop and be ready for some hands-on ; )

This seminar will be held in english.