Staff of the Connected Intelligence teamTeam leader: Olivier Boissier

Current staff:


Permanent People:

  • Flavien BALBO (Professor, ENSMSE), home page
  • Philippe BEAUNE (Associate Professor, ENSMSE), home page
  • Olivier BOISSIER (Professor, ENSMSE), home page
  • Jacques FAYOLLE (Professor, UJM)
  • Thomas GAUTRAIS (Engineer, CNRS)
  • Christophe GRAVIER (Associate Professor, Dr.Hab. (HDR), UJM), home page
  • Maxime LEFRANCOIS (Associate Professor, ENSMSE), home page
  • Pierre MARET (Professor, UJM), home page
  • Fabrice MUHLENBACH (Associate Professor, UJM), home page
  • Gauthier PICARD (Professor, ENSMSE), home page
  • Kamal Deep SINGH (Associate Professor, UJM), home page
  • Julien SUBERCAZE (Associate Professor, UJM), home page
  • Antoine ZIMMERMANN (Associate Professor, ENSMSE), home page

Non-permanent People including:


  • Dennis DIEFENBACH, home page 
  • El Mehdi KHALFI 

PhD Students:

  • Omar ALQAWASMEH, home page
  • Mohammad Noorani BAKERALLY
  • Ahmed BEN AYED
  • Alaa DAOUD
  • Thomas DOPIERRE (Industrial Cooperation with Meetic)
  • Hady ELSAHAR
  • Abderrahmen KAMMOUN, home page
  • Oudom KEM
  • Kadim NDIAYE
  • Tanguy RAYNAUD, home page
  • Pierre RUST (Industrial Cooperation with Orange)
  • Illyyne SAFFAR (Industrial Cooperation with Nokia)
  • Julien TISSIER
  • Felipe Iago TRENTIN (Industrial Cooperation with Orange)
  • Chadha ZRARI

Former members:

  • Antoine BOUTET (Postdoc), home page
  • Jules CHEVALIER (PhD student), home page
  • Andrei CIORTEA (Postdoc)
  • François CLAVIER
  • Nicolas COINTE (PhD student)
  • Maisaa DUERTE
  • Merieme GHENNAME (PhD student)
  • Syed GILLANI (Postdoc)
  • Amélie GYRARD (PostDoc, ENSMSE)
  • Rafiqul HAQUE (Postdoc)
  • Frédérique LAFOREST (Professor, UJM)
  • Pierre-René LHÉRISSON (PhD student)
  • Amro NAJJAR (Postdoc)
  • Nadim NDIAYE (Postdoc)
  • Pierre-Olivier ROCHER (PhD student and Postdoc)
  • Lauren THEVIN (PhD student)