The QA Company, a startup born in our lab

The QA Companya startup born in our lab !

The QA Company is a startup founded in 2019 by Pierre Maret, professor of Computer Science and researcher in Data Intelligence within our lab, together with his former doctoral student Dennis Diefenbach.

The company has developed a Question Answering (QA) system i.e. a software that finds, for a question asked in natural language, a direct and immediate answer.

Sounds familiar? What differentiates OpenAI's Chat GPT from the QAnswer software developed by Pierre and Dennis then?

For a start, the tool was developed to be used by private companies as opposed to the general public. As such, the system operates on the basis of proprietary data sets, and the answers are therefore aimed and explained. The software also allows to interrogate PDF documents.

You can even test it here with your own PDFs: 

The Saint-Etienne Metropole has dedicated an article of its latest "Mag" to the QA Company. The article can also be consulted on the Saint-Etienne city's website: 

Visit the QA Company's website for further information: 

Published on April 6, 2023