Seminar by Simon Labouesse

"Joint and Statistical approaches for Blind Structured Illumination Microscopy" by Simon Labouesse

at 10:30 AM

Room D03
Building D
Institut d'Optique Graduate School
18 rue du Professeur Benoît Lauras
42000 Saint-Etienne

Seminar by Simon Labouesse, Boulder University, Colorado, US


Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) theoretically allows to double the super-resolution of a standard optical microscope. However, to reach this theoretical limit, SIM requires a precise knowledge of the illumination patterns, making it costly and difficult to calibrate. By using a blind approach, we greatly simplify the use of SIM and open the use of random illuminations, like speckle patterns, as excitation for the fluorescent object. This strategy
allows super-resolution with low-cost instrumentation.
First, we propose a joint estimator of the object and the illuminations (joint Blind-SIM estimator). We characterized this approach (e.g. super-resolution origin) and proposed a fast and parallelizable implementation. With this implementation, we carried an empirical study of the impact of parsimony and of the frequency content of the illuminations on the reached super-resolution level.
Secondly, because the joint estimator is asymptotically not consistent, we also studied a contrast criterion for our problem (typically a marginal likelihood), when only the object of
interest is estimated. We have mathematically shown that the super-resolution capacity of this kind of estimators is the same as the one achieved with classical harmonic SIM in asymptotic
Finally, real data using random speckle illuminations were acquired and we observe a superresolution effect in a broad range of biological applications.

This seminar will be held in french.