Education & training

Education and training by research is one of the main missions of the Hubert Curien laboratory, which includes several aspects.


Training of PhD students and interns

App. 50 PhD students and 40 interns are recruited and trained within the laboratory every year.

PhD students benefits from the full lab expertise and equipment's. There are mostly members of the EDSIS doctoral school (, which supervises the training of PhD students, and guarantee the overall quality of the PhD research.

Intern students (master as well as bachelor level students) typically spends a three months (summer period) or six months internship within the lab on a well-defined topics. The laboratory is working to improve the quality of these internships in term of welcome, training and safety.

See PhD and master internship opportunities here.


Teaching in bachelor and master educational program

Hubert Curien scientists have also teaching activities in many bachelor and master program in local universities and engineering schools, including international programs (See the list here).

Several actions (including visits) are organized for students, not only to promote the research activities of the lab, but also to raise interest and motivation for science and research.

Students working on Hubert Curien facilities


Life Long training

Hubert Curien scientists are involved in life long training workshops on a wide range of topics.

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Science communication

In collaboration with the mission for science communication of the Jean Monnet University, the laboratory is encouraging his member to participate and organize science communication events for large audience, through events such as "fête de la science" or "Université pour tous".

High school students during the event "Fête de la science"

Please find attached (here) the list of possible seminars or visits given by the lab scientists.

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