Laser-Matter Interaction

Laser-matter interaction

Credits: Sonia Barcet


General presentation

The result of interaction between energetic laser radiation and materials allows to locally deposit energy and usually leads to a permanent alteration of the material on surfaces (surface structuring) and in the bulk (3D processing). This effect is the base of current laser processing techniques. Notably on ultrashort timescales where the interaction is confined in space and time, the strong energy localization unravels a high potential for laser structuring and fabrication. The prospect is the achievement of new levels of accuracy and reliability using a novel generation of ultrashort pulsed lasers. In this frame, the research theme “Laser-matter interaction” focuses on laser irradiation effects in condensed matter which are pertinent for material processing, functionalization, and fabrication. The thrust is to investigate laser-induced phenomena on ultimate scales, spatially and temporally, and to explore the possibilities of practical applications, accompanying their transfer in industrial environments, namely in mechanics, optics, sensing, or counterfeiting.


Group expertise

Exploiting a broad area of expertise in laser processing, plasma dynamics, laser spectroscopy, and material chemistry, the theme treats a large span of fundamental and applied questions, ranging from laser-induced electronic and structural changes on microscopic and macroscopic scales in bulk materials and surfaces, to plasma generation, material transfer, micro/nano-structuring, modeling and probing dynamic processes.



The spectrum of applications is developed in synergy with current industrial requirements and specifically involves a set of directions including optical treatment for increased damage resistance to radiation, embedded 3D photonic systems, functional surfaces and layers in mechanics and optics, up to the development of intelligent laser processing and fabrication tools.



The activity relies on a performant laser platform that includes various pulse durations (35fs-10ns), repetition rates (1-100kHz) and spectral ranges (NIR-UV) accompanied by beam engineering devices, as well as various means of detection and analysis based on spectroscopy and microscopy. The strong synergy that exists with the laser structuring platform EQUIPEX Manutech-USD is used for developing and integrating laser processes and instruments towards process industrialization and transfer.