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If no relevant vacancy matches your criteria, while you are interested in working for the Hubert Curien laboratory, we suggest you to contact the team you are interested in working for :

PhD openings

    • Matter dynamics in extreme conditions; Generation of non-equilibrium states using ultrashort engineered laser beams

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    • New reconstruction algorithms for lensless microscopy for biomedical diagnosis

      Open position: «New reconstruction algorithms for lensless microscopy for biomedical diagnosis» (in French), in partnership with the Centre de Recherche d’Astrophysique de Lyon, and the CEA-Leti.

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    • Ultrafast laser-induced devitrification of metallic glasses

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Postdoc openings

    • Magneto-optical characterization of functional magnetic nanocomposite materials

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Master internship openings

    • Interoperable Coordination and Regulation Schemes in Multi-Agent based Energy Management Systems

      The research objective of this project is to study and propose models for building interoperable multi-agent based energy management systems. Basing the approach on existing ontologies and platforms and on standards, the aim is to develop models integrating various market models and platforms

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    • Distributed Ledger Technology and Normative Multi-Agent for Smart Energy Management

      The objective of this research is to investigate how DLS Technology can be used to address the monitoring and enforcement of normative and coordination processes within agent organizations in open multi-agent system. The research questions to study are related to how these processes could be mapped onto a distributed ledger infrastructure.

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    • Data Mining on Big Data for Music Recommender Systems

      The objective of this master thesis is to study how data mining techniques can be helpful for improving the quality of the music recommendations on a streaming platform when the content associated to music artists is not well structured, which is the case of emerging music artists from independent record labels (“indie labels”): the artists are not publicly known, they have no publicity or only a little, most of them do not have a web site with a useful structured content to exploit (e.g., a Wikipedia page), there is a very few chance of finding items on these music artists in the specialized music press, etc.

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    • Conformance of RDF data with respect to Web ontologies

      The goal of this internship is first to study how the notion of “conformance” is defined for different existing ontologies, and how it could be defined in a more general way. Then to propose conformance specifications for the SEAS ontologies, and finally to implement these specifications in preliminary tools that will be used by organisations and companies.

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    • Federated queries over Web of Things devices

      The objective of this internship is to propose alternative solutions that could be implemented in a gateway. In particular, we assume that the gateway has information about locations where RDF graphs can be dumped, the shape of these RDF graphs, and potentially some more contextual information about the devices.

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    • Distributed Constraint Optimization in Socio-technical Networks for Smart Energy Grids

      The main objective of this internship is then to define and implement a protocol for solving distributed constraint optimization problems in socio-technical networks for smart energy grids.

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    • Multiagent-based resource allocation in Microgrids

      In this work, we wish to investigate the concept of decentralized markets in microgrids, as to improve local load balancing as much as possible within a distribution network. The idea is to use multiagent and distributed optimization techniques to implement this market in a decentralized manner (without requiring the DSO to enforce the load balancing).

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