The microscopes can be used :

  • By the members of the lab or partners, after a former training by the platform staff

  • Under assistance of the platform staff, for a limited number of samples


SEM FEI NovananoSEM 200

Best resolution is about 1 nm in high vacuum mode, while for non-conductive materials, low vacuum mode allows a great image quality with a resolution better than 2 nm, at 15 kV.

In low vac mode (p < 2 mbars-1.5 Torr), dielectric non-conductive samples almost do not need to be metallized.

NovananoSEM is equipped with different detectors :

  • Everhard Thornley (SEI)

  • Through the lens detector (TLD) for SEI and BSEI

  • Gaseous detectors :
              - GAD (BSEI)
              - LVD (SE at medium magnification)
              - Helix (SE for the highest magnifications)

  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy EDAX (SiLi), in high vac and low vac mode

Moreover, a Gatan in-situ tensile test machine is available.


Plasmonic TEM