Projects and partners

Projects and partners of the Functional Materials and Surfaces team

European Projects

  • ACTPHAST Project (Access Center for Photonics Innovation Solutions and Technology Support), European Project : PCRD 7, FP7-ICT-2013.3.2, 23 partners, 2013-2017. CNRS (FEMTO-ST Institut Besançon, Lab. Charles Fabry Palaiseau, LabHC Saint Etienne, CNRS-CNRT Matériaux Caen).


National Projects

  • ANR PHOTOMAGNET: “Submicronic 3D photostructuring of functional nanocomposite magnetic materials”, 2017-2020. (144k€ LabHC), IS2M (Leader), Phenix UPMC.
  • ANR ASTORIX 2014-2018 : High Temperature Oxido-Resistant mIcroteXtured Solar Absorbers. Budget LabHC : 162 k€/48 mois. 2014-2018. Partners : IREIS HEF (Leader) PROMES, LGC, LabHC.
  • FUI Industrial contract “NextGen” – 129k€ (LabHC) – 2017/2019 – 10 partners, Leader Zodiac Aerospace -
  • Industrial contract with Silsef, 2015-2016


Regional Funding

  • PhD Funding R2EX « Design and realization of high efficiency resonnant gratings », LABEX MANUTECH-SISE, Investissements d'Avenir, 2016-2019, partner IREIS HEF.
  • PEPS MINATAIR “Micro and NanoStructuring of Ti02 and metallic NP for air treatment”, Associated funding by CNRS and University of Lyon, 2016, 15k€,
  • Regional Grant (Rhône Alpes, ARC 6): “Projet JetEM3D, 3D Electromagnetic Jet : detection, imaging and non-destructive control », 2016-2019, Leader LabHC, 2 academic partners (LabHC, Institut Pascal), PhD grant (85 k€).
  • Regional Grant (Rhône Alpes, ARC 6): Study of self-organization mechanisms of metallic nanoparticles in TiO2 films and their applications in photocatalysis”, 2015-2018, Leader LabHC, 2 academic partners (LabHC, IMEP-LAHC), PhD grant (85 k€).
  • Regional Grant (Rhône Alpes, ARC 6): “Development of mineral saturable absober for integrated Q-switched lasers”, 2014-2017, Leader IMEP-LabHC, 2 academic partners (LabHC, IMEP-LAHC), PhD grant (85 k€).


Industrial partnership

  • Trumpf GmbH: generation of the radial polarization in CO2 lasers with resonant gratings.
  • Sick/Stegmann GmbH: consulting and development of miniaturized encoders based on gratings technology.
  • LETI: gratings making on multilayers for pulse compression
  • Saint-Gobain: gratings for light extraction on OLEDs
  • KODAK: modelling of scattering layers for light extraction on OLEDs
  • OSRAM: modelling of scattering layers, resonant mirror for laser cavity
  • ILE/ELI: gratings for pulse compression
  • Hologram Industries: resonant transmission on holographic films
  • HEXCEL Reinforcements: LCM_SMART
  • HEXCEL Composite: LCM_SMART
  • SKF Aerospace France: LCM_SMART
  • Issoire Aviation: LCM_SMART


Academic partnership

  • M. Bouazaoui, PhLAM, USTL, Lille, France
  • P. Baldeck, LSP, CNRS, Grenoble, France
  • G. Vitrant, IMEP-LAHC, Grenoble, France
  • L. Bois, LMI, CNRS, Lyon
  • A. Vautrin, LTDS-EMSE, CNRS, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne
  • L. Robert, Institut Clement Ader (EA 814), Groupe Metrologie, Identification, Controle et Surveillance, Ecole des Mines d’Albi, France
  • A. Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Department of Physics, India.