Seminars in the Data intelligence team

All the seminars are free to attend and open to all. For adminitrative reasons, if you are interested in attending a seminar or have any questions, please contact Amaury Habrard via email at amaury.habrard @  or fill-in and submit the following registration form.

Seminars by visiting researchers

    • "Sequential Decision Making in Linear Bandit Setting" by Marta Soare

      Seminar by Marta Soare, post-doc at Aalto University Finland

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    • "Deep Image Retrieval: Learning global representations for image search" by Diane Larlus

      Seminar by Diane Larlus, from XRCE (Xerox Research Centre Europe)

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    • "U-Statistics in Machine Learning: Large-Scale Minimization and Decentralized Estimation", by Aurélien Bellet

      Seminar by Aurélien Bellet, CR INRIA in Lille

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    • "A Representation Learning Approach for Domain Adaptation" by Pascal Germain

      Seminar by Pascal Germain, from the SIERRA Team at INRIA in Paris

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Seminars presented by researchers from the Data Intelligence team

    • "Learning and Using Structures for Constraint Acquisition" by Abderrazak Daoudi

      Seminar by Abderrazak Daoudi, Teaching Assistant (ATER) at the Hubert Curien laboratory

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    • "Non negative matrix factorization for transfer learning" by Ievgen Redko

      Seminar by Ievgen Redko, from the LIPN

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