Seminars in the Image science & computer vision team

All the seminars are free to attend and open to all. For adminitrative reasons, if you are interested in attending a seminar or have any questions, please contact Thierry Fournel via email at fournel @ or fill-in and submit the following registration form.

Seminars by visiting researchers

    • "Développement de l’IRM dynamique pour l’étude de l’appareil musculo-squelettique en mouvement"

      Seminar by Karim Makki, IMT Atlantique, INSERM UMR 1101, LATIM, Brest, France

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    • "Joint and Statistical approaches for Blind Structured Illumination Microscopy" by Simon Labouesse

      Seminar by Simon Labouesse, Boulder University, Colorado, US

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    • "Digital holography for 3D imaging red blood cells in motion in zebrafish" by Alexey Brodoline

      Seminar by Alexey Brodoline, Charles Coulombs Laboratory (L2C)

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    • "The model of random hyperbolic graphs" by Dieter Mitsche

      Seminar by Dieter Mitsche, Professeur des Universités, Institut Camille Jordan

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    • "Light: from measurement to perception" by Peter Hanselaer

      Seminar by Peter Hanselaer, professor at KU Leuven

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    • "Appearance reproduction for two and three dimensional printing" by Vahid Babaei

      Seminar by Vahid Babaei, Research Group leader at Max Planck Institute for Informatics

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    • "Beyond color: synthesis, measurements and models" by Lionel Simonot

      Seminar by Lionel Simonot, Enseigant-chercheur at Institut Pprime Poitier

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    • "Already more and not yet! From the colors of the past to the colors of tomorrow" by Patrick Callet

      Seminar by Patrick Callet (CentraleSupélec), president of "Centre Français de la Couleur"

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    • "Digital Holography: A Medical Diagnostic Tool" by Arun Anand

      Seminar by Arun Anand, Assistant Professor at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India

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    • "Tutorial on 3D Data acquisition and analysis" by Franck Boochs

      Tutorial by Franck Boochs, professor at i3Mainz, Germany

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    • "Diffusion of light by particles: modeling and applications to the characterization of multiphase flows" by Matthias Sentis

      Seminar by Matthias Sentis, postdoc at CEA Marcoule

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Seminars presented by researchers from the Image science team

    • "Hierarchical multi-feature image representation for segmentation" by Tianatahina Randrianasoa

      Seminar by Tianatahina Randrianasoa

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    • "Interreflections in Computer Vision: Importance, Modeling & Application in Spec-tral Estimation" by Damien Muselet

      Seminar by Damien Muselet

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    • "How do computers and archeology combine to investigate the past?" by Alain Tremeau

      Seminar by Alain Tremeau, Professor in Computer Vision at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies at Jean Monnet University, St-Etienne and Researcher at Hubert Curien laboratory, in the Image science & computer vision group

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    • "Optical PUFs: introduction and spectral viewpoint" by Thierry Fournel

      Seminar by Thierry Fournel, Professor at Laboratoire Hubert Curien

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