HF-RF surfaces and devices

HF-RF surfaces and devices

The aims of our team are to develop planar magnetic components for RF and HF applications.

The main key words are: miniaturized devices, integrated components, magnetic layers. All these components are planar devices including thick layers of insulator, conductor and magnetic materials. The layer thicknesses range from some μm up to some hundreds of μm.

The main steps of our works are:

Designs are carried out with a 3D FE software

- Ferrite substrate grinding and polishing 
- Conductor layer deposition 
- Patterning (photolithography and wet etching) 
- Passivation (Gold deposition) 
- Connection (Bonding, air bridge, Flip-Chip)


Characterizations are performed from DC to 65GHz with LCR meter, Impedancemeter, Vector Network Analyzer

Modelization . Specific models are developed to describe the component behavior. They take into account most physical properties such as Eddy current and proximity effect in high frequencies.

RF Components: In the field of RF, the studied components are inductors and transformers for high frequency electronics and integrated power electronics


Microwave Components: circulator and isolator