Habilitation (HDR) defense of Maxime Moreaud

Habilitation Thesis (HDR) Defense: Maxime MoreaudResearch engineer at IFP Energies nouvelles

at 10:00 AM

auditorium J020,
Télécom Saint-Etienne,
25 rue du Dr Remy Annino,
42000 Saint-Etienne

"Contribution in image processing for the improvement of catalyst performances"



Since 2008 Maxime Moreaud's research works deal with image processing for the development of catalysts. His approach is to provide solutions for automatic analysis and features extraction with respect to data dimensionality.

In 1D, signals formed either by chromatography or X ray diffraction have been considered as a relief for which the analysis can be improved by the use of easy-to-parametrize tools from mathematical morphology.

In 2D, deeper analysis have been performed on images from different types of microscopy. The main contributions concern SEM image segmentation and analysis of catalyst supports, the analysis of depth of impregnation of an active phase in a support, and that of active phases by multimodal microscopy imaging and high-resolution TEM coupled to a local frequency analysis. The structure of the supports or active phases can be better understood thanks to a surface reconstruction at the scale of one hundred nanometers from SEM images.

In 3D, a quite-complete chain for the morphological analysis of mesoporous support by electronic tomography have been developed. This chain results from complementary works in image reconstruction, fast 3D noise reduction, and data analysis, based on random morphological models.



  • Fellow Res. Jésus Angulo, Mines ParisTech, examiner
  • Dist. Prof. Jean-Marie Becker, CPE Lyon, advisor
  • Prof. Christine Delisée, University of Bordeaux, examiner
  • Prof. Thierry Fournel, University of Saint Etienne, examiner
  • Prof. Christian Germain University of Bordeaux, reviewer
  • Dist. Prof. Dominique Jeulin, Mines ParisTech, examiner
  • Dist. Prof. Michel Jourlin, University of Saint Etienne, examiner
  • Prof. Eric Pirard, University of Liège, reviewer
  • Prof. Hugues Talbot, ESIEE Paris, reviewer


The defense will be done in English


Thomas Gautrais
thomas.gautrais @ univ-st-etienne.fr