PREMIERE project - European Commission

PREMIERE project - European Commission

The PREMIERE project is an illustration of the growing importance of the interrelationships between AI and XR ­technology developments, and an example of their potential extensive applications.

With 11 European institutional partners and a total budget of 3,9 M€, this project is locally led by Alain Trémeau, Professor of Computer vision and researcher at the Laboratoire Hubert Curien.

Focusing on dance and theatre, PREMIERE seeks to modernize the performing arts by using advanced digital technologies to support the whole lifecycle of performances: from their production and curation by both amateurs and professionals, to their delivery and understanding from the audience, as well as their analysis and interpretation by art scholars.

In doing so, PREMIERE will contribute to the following general goals:

  • Broaden accessibility to audiences that cannot attend live performances due to physical distance (audience in ­remote areas such as islands or ­villages, ­international audience), health reasons (e.g. elderly, reduced mobility or­ ­economic reasons (low income);
  • Enhance the understanding of present and past performances by audiences with diverse cultural, social, historical and educational backgrounds;
  • Enrich the creative process by ­adding new elements, dimensions and ­capabilities, offered by advanced ­digital technologies, while enabling ­international (and therefore inter-cultural) collaboration;
  • Increase the visibility of performances by supporting spectators in their search for relevant content, as well as assisting producers/curators in the communication of their work to the most relevant audiences.


The overall objective of PREMIERE is thus to develop and validate a comprehensive ecosystem of digital applications, powered by leading edge AI, XR and 3D technologies. It is designed to fulfil the needs of diverse end-user communities involved in the main stages of the performing arts productions’ lifecycle; these include amateur and professional performers, performance art producers and curators, performance art spectators and scholars.

The project is funded by the European Commission for a duration of 36 months, starting in October 2022 (Project reference number: 1010613).

Published on April 11, 2022