Digital holography

Digital holographic simulation and IPA reconstruction

We have developed algorithms to reconstruct in-line digital holograms in the framework of Inverse Problems Approaches (also called Bayesian or model-based approaches) since 2007. We propose here a MATLAB standalone application dedicated to reconstruction in Digital In-line Holographic Microscopy (DIHM).

This application provides multiple tools to simulate or reconstruct digital in-line holograms.

These tools include :

  • simulation of aberrations in DIHM based on Zernike polynomials 

  • simulation of Lorenz-Mie models

  • reconstruction of parametric Inverse Problems approach (including basic least square fit of hologram model) that are useful for experimental setup calibration and permit accurate self-focusing and aberration calibration

  • regularized reconstruction based on IP


Please before using this application, read our articles that describe our methodology and the fields of applications of this tool.

Note that this app is only devoted for testing and should not be used for commercial purpose. It is coded for CPU, please ask us to have a CPU/GPU application (time processing can be devided by 10).

IPHolo was developed by the Optical Design and Image Reconstruction (ODIR) team at Laboratoire Hubert Curien (Saint-Etienne University), UMR CNRS 5516, more particularly in the framework of Dylan Brault's PhD thesis.

If you have any questions or if you want to give us a feedback, please contact corinne.fournier at


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