Seminar by Mathieu Hebert

« How the microarrangement of colored materials influences the macroscopic color of a surface? » by Mathieu Hebert with a focus on « How does a clear layer modify the color of a halftone » by Fanny Dailliez

at 9:30 AM

En distanciel

Seminar by Mathieu Hebert at Laboratoire Hubert Curien


Most objects of everyday life are produced by arranging different materials: layering, shaping, etc. The optical properties of the components, their structure, their shape, are determinent in the way light interact with the materials, and therefore on the color appearance of the object. Are we able to predict the objet color knowing the material properties and stucture?

This presentation will give a panoramic view of the recent research carried out at the Laboratoire Hubert Curien, by including various configurations and optical phenomena involved, with associated optical models.

During this talk, Fanny Dailliez will focus on the case of halftone prints covered by a clear protection layer.

Thanks to demonstrators presented troughout the talk, we will show how the study of these optical phenomena can give rise to innovative visual effects. 

This seminar will be held in french.