New book: Ultrafast Laser Nanostructuring - The Pursuit of Extreme Scales

New book: Ultrafast Laser Nanostructuring - The Pursuit of Extreme Scales

The Head of the Laser Matter Interaction group at the Hubert Curien Laboratory, Razvan Stoian, has teamed up with Dr Jörn Bonse, researcher at the BAM Institute in Berlin, to edit a book dedicated to the field of extreme laser nanostructuring. The book, which was released last April, is part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences that provides a selection of research monographs in a broad range of topics related to optics such as lasers and quantum optics, ultrafast phenomena, optical spectroscopy techniques, optoelectronics, information optics, applied laser technology and industrial applications.

Laser pulses are commonly used to shape and structure matter in a variety of scientific, technological and daily-life applications. The development of laser engineering has led to impressive advancements in laser processing, allowing materials to be assigned new functions and properties by modifying their mechanical, electrical or optical characteristics. These advancements, specifically those related to resolution and precision, have historically depended on the reduction of the laser pulse duration, thus underlining the importance of the process spatio-temporality. In this context, one might ask if there is actually "any fundamental limit in the processing resolution, a barrier defined by the intrinsic properties of light and matter?".

Razvan Stoian and Jörn Bonse have called upon the contribution of leading experts in the field to help answer this "inherently multidisciplinary" question, offering an insightful overview of the current endeavours to achieve laser processing resolution beyond the diffraction limit. Starting with the fundamental principles and concepts of light-matter interaction, the three-part structure of the book progressively leads the reader towards an understanding of research works in the fields of nanophotonics, nanofluidics, optical sensing, biomedical science, for tested applications in various areas of material processing and nanosurgery. 
As with all volumes of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences, the book is aimed at any research scientist or engineer requiring an up-to-date reference book in the subject field. It is also intended to be a useful resource for graduate students in laser processing, materials engineering, and nanoscience.

"Ultrafast Laser Nanostructuring - The Pursuit of Extreme Scales"
is available in English as printed and electronic versions on the Springer website

Published on May 12, 2023