Seminar by Mathilde Prudent

"Surface nanotexturing for virucidal properties" by Mathilde Prudent

at 3:00 PM


Seminar by Mathilde Prudent, Laboratoire Hubert Curien


The COVID-19 pandemic associated to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus focused attention on the investigation of antiviral and antibacterial surfaces to reduce the spread of disease. Numerous studies are related to these types of surfaces acting through two main effects: a topographical function of nanostructured surfaces and a chemical function of antimicrobial agents.

Nanostructured surfaces can be fabricated by different processes, ranging from simple wet-etching to laser texturing where the irradiation parameters are perfectly controlled. A range of structures can thus be obtained to accommodate to different sizes and morphologies of bacteria and viruses. In addition to these nanostructures, bioactive elements contained in the material can also reduce or inhibit the adhesion and the activity of viruses and bacteria of the surfaces concerned (PhD student seminar on general topics).

This seminar will be held in english