Seminar by Dmitry Ivanov

"Mechanism of Laser-Induced Formation of Metal Nanoparticles and Nanostructures: Molecular Dynamic Modeling" by Dmitry Ivanov

at 2:00 PM

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Seminar by Dmitry Ivanov, Kassel University, Technical University Kaiserslautern, Lebedev Physical Institute, and Moscow Engineering Physics


In this work we investigate the mechanism of nanostructures and na-noparticles generation due to laser ablation of metals in liquid media with numerical atomistic-continuum model. The model is capable of addressing the mechanisms of non-equilibrium laser-induced phase transition processes at atomic level with Molecular Dynamics (MD) ap-proach, whereas the effect of free carriers, playing a determinant role during short laser pulse ablation phenomena, is described in continuum with Two Temperature Model (TTM). Such the combined MD-TTM model [1] was utilized in super large scale simulations of nanostructures and nanoparticles generation processes in vacuum and liquid medium. The obtained structures and nanoparticles are then analyzed and charac-terized from the point of their morphology and size distribution corre-spondingly, Figure 1. These characteristics were then studied as func-tions of the laser parameters (pulse duration and fluence), the irradiated materials (Al and Au), and surrounding media (air and water) [2]. The performed simulations enable the direct comparison of the modeling results and the experimental data [3] and allow for drawing a possibility of manipulation with the laser parameters and surrounding media for generation of the nanostructures and nanoparticles with predesigned properties.

[1] D.S. Ivanov, V.P. Lipp, A. Blumenstein, V.P. Veiko, E.B. Yakovlev, V.V. Roddatis, M.E. Garcia, B. Rethfeld, J. Ihlemann, and P. Simon, Phys. Rev. Appl. 4, 064006 (2015).

[2] M. Iqbal, S.A. Khan, D.S. Ivanov, R.A. Ganeev, V.V. Kim, G.S. Boltaev, N.A. Abbasi, S. Shaju, M.E. Garcia, B. Rethfeld and A.S. Alnaser, Appl Sur Sci 527, 146702 (2020).

[3] D.S. Ivanov, Th. Izgin, A.N. Mayorov, V.P. Veiko, B. Rethfeld, Y.I. Dombrovska, M.E. Garcia, I.N. Zavestovskaya, S.M. Klimentov, A.V. Kabashin, Molecules 25, 67 (2020).

This seminar will be held in english