Recent ADD-ON progress

Recent ADD-ON progress

The Laboratoire Hubert Curien‘s MOPERE and Functional Materials and Surfaces teams are collaborating with PhotonFirst (NL, and Airbus (as Topic Manager) within the CleanSky 2 project ADD-ON’s framework (n°785341).

ADD-ON aims to demonstrate the feasibility of developing a unique Optical Sensor Network to control various classes of distributed and punctual optical sensors. This network will monitor, in a variety of profiles of use (in-flight monitoring, on-ground operation), the structural health monitoring measurands of interest: delamination, corrosion, cracking, loading and can simultaneously sustain data transfer. Among the different technologies developed within the ADD-ON’s framework is a very innovative sensing technology based on sol-gel waveguides by Maxime Royon, post-doc researcher funded by ADD-ON. Do not hesitate to have a look at the four articles published in Aerospace and Materials MDPI journals last year:

Interested to learn more about ADD-ON ( ? Have a look at the ADD-ON article published in Clean Sky 2 magazine:

Contact: Maxime Royon  maxime.royon @ 

Above: Illustration of the ADD-ON Optical Sensor Network as the airplane’s nervous system ©PhotonFirst and Illustrations of the sol-gel sensor technology developed at UJM

Published on January 18, 2022